Media ‘Romanticizes’ Illegal Aliens, ‘Vilifies’ Border Agents – Border Patrol Council President

MSM, Dems pushing hard for borderless nation

By: Dan Lyman

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd expressed his disgust with mainstream media and leftists who bash border enforcement agents while idealizing illegal aliens.

Judd slammed the double-standard being applied by the globalist press during an interview on Fox and Friends on Thursday.

“It’s so frustrating and disappointing to see that border patrol agents are vilified for strictly enforcing the laws that Congress put in place,” Judd said. “We’re trying to protect the American public. Yet, they romanticize those people crossing the border illegally and vilify the good guys that are trying to do the job for the American public.”

Judd also addressed the on-going migrant crisis at the U.S. southern border, asserting that the system is totally overwhelmed as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the country.

“What we are looking at is all of our resources being pulled from the field as [Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch] testified that we just don’t have the resources in the field to deal with the numbers of people that are crossing the border,” Judd said. “And what we have to look at is the number of people that are actually getting away, evading apprehension. Texas Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz from the same sector said within this fiscal year alone, we have 25,000 people that were able to evade apprehension.”

“Those are people we do not know what their purpose for coming into the United States are. We don’t know where they are from. That’s a very dangerous situation and dynamic we are setting up.”

Judd expressed his approval of Kevin McAleenan stepping into the role of acting DHS head following the departure of Kirstjen Nielsen, whom Judd believes was not cut out for the job.

“It’s absolutely for the better. If you look at Secretary Nielsen, she is second to none in cybersecurity. That’s where her expertise lies. Unfortunately, she did not have that experience in border security,” he said. “So we elevated the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, who had a career at CBP, to face the problems that the DHS is looking at in the face right now, and that is border security.”

McAleenan recently warned that the immigration system had reached the “breaking point,” calling the migrant surge on the southern frontier “unprecedented.”

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