Why Have a Border ???????

One of the policies that I appreciated from President Trump was his that we
needed to have our border guarded and protected. All of us lock our doors
and protect our properties. One of the very reasons why countries have
embassies is to process immigration papers and issue visas. I know for a fact
that American embassies in countries like Turkey and Egypt are most visited
due to visa issues and folks wanting to come to this nation. So then logically, I
submit to you that if we don’t need our borders, then we should close our
embassies and save all that money.
Countries need borders just like houses need doors that lock. You would not
leave your truck or suv unlocked with your keys in it very long, or that vehicle
will be stolen. The border of a country is the same concept. Security of a
country is important; otherwise, criminals and terrorists can cross over the
border, which will make us very vulnerable
Our friends and foes laugh at us for such a wide open so called border.
Recently Russia has shown interest in Alaska; my understanding is that they
have violated our air space in that region. There were bill boards in Russia that
said, “ Alaska is ours. “ Why you may ask? I would think because with such a
wide open border policy, they say to themselves America does not care about
what is theirs, so let us claim Alaska.
Finally as someone who lived and worked on the Navajo reservation for six
years, I simply have to stand up for my fantastic brothers and sisters in that
reservation as well as the other reservations. I am very concerned that they
may lose their lands, as we continue to allow masses and overwhelming
numbers of illegal aliens cross over. Let us at least protect our borders for
their sake.
Peyman Javadi

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