Why we need to keep America, America

Submitted by: Peyman Javadi

As an immigrant myself, I recall the reasons as to why my parents brought us to the United States. Certainly, the land of opportunity was a big reason; other reasons included security, unity with in her diverse population, the government taking care of her own citizens, being a nation of laws, having religious freedom as well as political freedom, the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and so on.

If those who advocate for open borders and those who want to limit or take away the above stated rights, get their way, then America as most of us legal immigrants once knew disappears. What then would be the attraction to come to America if those basic attractions are either taken away or limited?

Just exactly how is that pro-immigration? The answer is that it is not; if America as we know it is done away with, then there is no more America for those who want to migrate here legally and find themselves a better home. Those of us who fled from radical countries so that we can practice our freedom of religion would find ourselves back where we came from right here in U.S. of A. Those of us who know of relatives who have been jailed or even killed because they spoke up back there, will find ourselves fearful again to speak up here. Those of us who escaped from countries whose governments don’t give a darn about their own people, would find ourselves with indifference from a different bourgeoisie in the “home of the free.” This is, therefore, the prayer of this immigrant that America stays America. God bless and have mercy on America.


Peyman Javadi

A grateful Iranian American

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