The Common Denominator

Let me ask you a question: what do Tim Tebow, Richard Nixon, Shah of Iran,

Anwar Sadat, Veladmir Putin, and Donald Trump have in
common???? They are all alpha male who dare speak their minds.

Furthermore, all love their countries and live the definition of that
Persian word “vatan doost”, which loosely translated means a patriot or
he who loves his country.. All of them got bad treatment, very bad, by the
main stream media. All you have to do is youtube their interviews and
you will see what I mean. Tim Tebow is a great man as well as an athlete.
He made his Christian faith the cornerstone of his career as a football
player. I thought highly of him as a quarterback, but not only did media
attack him, he was barred from having an opportunity to play football,
even in Canada, let alone NFL. The sadness here is that we will never
know how great he would have become; that probability was aborted by
the NFL.
Richard Nixon

, former president of United States, much like Tebow, hated
by the media, stood up for a great America. Yet as you all know
impeached he was over Watergate. I ask you this: have there not been
millions of other gates? I guess it depends on if the establishment media
hates you; that is why. For we have seen other leaders with other types
of gate, who only win re elections as a result because you guessed
it:media loves them?

Shah of Iran was and is loved by thousands of Iranians because he was
making Iran great again. He loved his country and defende4d her. Even
after so many years after his passing, many Iranians still long for those
days in which he led Iran. Had he not left due to western establishment
pressure, that nation would now be participating in G8 type summits.
Just YouTube his interviews by the so called western journalists of the
time, and you will see twin presentations to interviews with Donald

Anwar Sadat, the late presidentn of Egypt, not only worked for a greater
E?gypt, but also another alpha male, spoke honestly about matters of
political nature. One could say that he was against political correctness,
which led to his getting killed. It maybe of interest to note that he was the
only leader in the world who welcomed the Shah of Iran and his family to
Egypt when America and the rest of the world did not. At the time, the
shah was in exile and dying of cancer. Very few western leaders even
cared to attend the Shah’s funeral. However, President Nixon was in
attendance, which demonstrated the great leadership of that man.

Velademir Putin is the P\president of Russia. He is very much alpha male
and adores Russia. He loves the Russian Orthodox Church and leads
Russia by those values. If he vacations with all the wealth he has, it is in
Russia. He promotes Russia. He speaks his mind and he has expressed
as such that he favores traditional one man and one woman marriage. He
also spoke favorably of Donald Trump. Well for all this, that same media
that hates Trump hates Putin. The same reporters who go after good
people go after Putin. Our own president calls Puttin a “killer” and yet
refuses to call the Islamic Republic of Iran at least a dictatorial regime.
Last but not least, Donald J Trump who is the former president of this
United States. Whatever you think of him, he is alpha male. He speaks
his mind. I loved him as president then, and I hope one day again, I can
express the same love when he takes that Pennsylvania Avenue office
again. Just look at the way this poor patriot was and is treated by that
same Russia Hoax media complex. Just review those moments on
YouTube and you will see the common denominator as he wanted to
serve America and see her great again.

Well, do you now see the common denominator? Stand up for God and
country, and you get called names like bigot. Stand up for truly an open
mind, and you get called closed minded. All this reminds me of my Lord,
Jesus Christ, who stood yp for right and for morality. He was killed for his
beliefs, but he made an amazing impact in this planet and thus so
eternally. Jesus overcame evil and death by rising again and living again.I
say to myself to stand up, and I will, so help me God. I pray and hope you
do the same because America is worth it. And remember that Jesus is
alpha and Omega. Trust him, and he will help you stand up as well.

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