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By: Editor of Citizen Pressroom

Genghis Khan was a military genius. Schools in the United States and the West in general, barely mention Genghis Khan and the subsequent Khans who ruled over almost the entire Asian continent for centuries. We would do well to study some of the war tactics that Genghis Khan used to become the most successful conqueror in world history. This topic is particularly important, since some of the same tactics are being utilized to conquer Europe and the United States at this very moment.

The Mongols were not reckless. They put a huge premium on the life of a Mongol warrior. They went to extreme lengths to utilize any war tactic or strategy that would minimize the death toll on the Mongol armies. They adapted captured technologies, and any tactic used successfully against them, in their subsequent battles. They wanted to win, and they were never attached to any particular style of warfare, they used what worked.

Prior to a primary invasion and siege of a target city, Genghis Khan, and subsequent Khans, would terrorize the countryside, burning villages over vast swathes of land surrounding a target city and stronghold, with the intent of driving the population before them. This tactic mirrored the traditional Mongol hunt, where mongol hunters rode their horses side by side, formations miles wide, driving hunting game into an ever smaller space, where a final killing of the game would take place in a controlled area, for maximum yield at a minimum of effort.

This tactic, when applied to target human populations was extremely effective. The population of the countryside, driven into the capital cities, would overwhelm the public infrastructure and quickly consume any food stores that the city would need for a prolonged siege. The mongols would bide their time, as the city was overwhelmed by the increased population. Once the mongols determined that the city was sufficiently weak, and had used up it’s food supplies, the general siege would end, and the primary assault would be ordered. In many cases, overwhelmed by the situation, the target city simply yielded to the Khan before any battle took place, and the Mongols took the city without the loss of even a single soldier. If the rulers were stubborn, and failed to yield, then the Mongols would sack the city, slaughter the army and execute the entire ruling class.

This tactic is now being used in full effect by the enemies of our country. The Chinese and Russians were both conquered by the Mongols who used this tactic against them, and they learned the effectiveness of this technique of conquest; they never forgot. We look around the world and see that Europe is being overrun with third world peoples, and the United States is subject to the same invasion by people coming from Central America, South America and Mexico. These people will overwhelm our infrastructure, strain and destroy our political unity, and consume our savings and emergency resources. Once this process has sufficiently weakened the United States, the primary assault will begin.

The United States will consume itself, and then it will be consumed. The Russians and Chinese will then initiate their conquest and may not even encounter any serious resistance. If this scenario is to be avoided, then strong and decisive action must be taken. The wall is a start, but military offensives, preemptive in appearance, but defensive in reality, must be initiated. Our very existence depends on it.

Mongol Siege Warfare:

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