God’s deep state is way deeper than any earthly “deep state”

Submitted by Peyman Javadi

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I thank God for this one blessing that blessed me back in 1987. That is my spiritual rebirth season, for in the spring of that year, I became a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and I have to say that it has been awesome ever since. I say all that because like many of you, I am highly grieved by what is going on politically in this nation. However, as I pray for this nation and as I pray for God’s deliverance, I am reminded that He indeed is really the only one who can drain the “swamp.”

With His awesome sense of humor, God reminds me that His deep state is way deeper than any earthly deep state. As such, I offer a prayer via this letter for this purpose. The verse that truly motivated me to write this letter is found in 2 nd Chronicles 14:11 and it is where Asa appeals to God for deliverance and says words along the line of God being the only one to help the “powerless against the mighty.” I say Amen to that as I am powerless over all matters with the President, but God is powerful so to Him, I make this appeal: Father God, there is indeed no one like You, and I Know that You created this nation; You are the one who put together this amazing product called America, and since you are the true founding Father of this nation, to You I appeal and touch that hem of Your garment in asking You to help and protect President Trump; You come to His aide because all that matters in the end, is that He has Your support; that is the only support that matters. I pray that we as a nation pray for him daily, knowing that Your words give us the motivation and the tools needed to do so such as Ephesians 6:12 to 6:17 and 2 nd Corinthians 10:4. I as many others believe that we are witnessing a spiritual warfare and as such am humbled by your motivation in Romans 8:31. Lord, I pray that we remember the power of verses like Exodus 14:21 and 22 and know that You, Lord are the only one who can save this nation.

Thank You for what You did with King David in 1 st Samuel 17:45, and it is in Your name that I pray and go forward. I claim Your blood for our President and claim Your word such as Isaiah 54:17 for this president and this nation. Lord God have mercy on Israel as You shed mercy on this nation and this president and deliver us from what is going on. In Jesus mighty and merciful name, I pray.


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