Message to Today’s Left


I came to this country from Iran; I was 16 years of age at the time.  I learned English, pushed hard to succeed and not riot.  I learned to love this country.  English became my own language; I do not think of it as a foreign language; I think of it as my own language and very proud of that; it is as much my language as is Turkish and Farsi.  I am fluent in all three languages, but I do think that English should be the official language of this nation.  I worked hard and earned a master’s degree in English; I taught English and made that my profession.  God blessed me with great friends and coworkers; no one ever treated me like I was from Iran. 

I do not see America as a racist nation; there maybe prejudice people out there but that does not qualify this nation as racist.  The  racism I see is the one coming from you on the left because you play that card over and over and frankly you are turning my adopted country, the U.S.A ,to a third world nation.  You are denying the haven all of us hard working immigrants found and found legally.  You are turning America into a law-less, riot filled place that we all escaped from to start with.  You are telling me I am racist if I want law and order?  You are telling me not to love America because to do so is somehow immoral?  I thought you believed in individual freedom, but now you are telling me that I cannot read Gone with the Wind?  You tell me that Black Lives Matter as if I did not know that and agree with by the way, but does that mean that Iranian lives or Native American lives do not matter?  You approve of abortion, even late term ones, so are you telling me those lives do not matter? 

Speaking of Iranian lives, it was one of your Hollywood supported DEMOCRAT loved ones, Jimmy Carter, who led the Ayatollah Khomeini and his thugs to Iran.  The result: utter mayhem and disaster in Iran since 1979.  Thousands in that nation have died in the hands of that brutal dictatorship which your beloved Jimmy Carter started and your Obama continued by funding that dictatorship billions of dollars.  Young Iranians who protest are jailed, tortured, and killed due to your Hollywood and Media supported Islamic Dictatorship.  I know an Iranian who was taken to jail, just because he has red hair, suspected of being a spy.  My own dad’s passport was confiscated due to the suspicion that he is of Bahai religion.  You accuse America of being racist, you unaware of history, you?  In Iran, there is a joke for every single ethnic group like my ethnicity is called donkey.  In other words, those of Turkish ethnicities are referred to as” Turke Khar”, people of Arabic ethnicity as “az bich arabe,” which loosely translated means they are dumb. You uneducated and ungrateful antifa, you call America racist?  By the way, is it okay to call white people as “white trash” and laugh?  Is it okay to call a blonde, “dumb blonde?” and laugh, ha ha ha?  You are racist yourselves for not calling out these hypocrisies. 

You know there was a time great people existed on the left and I did not care which party they belonged to because I knew they would serve God and country. There was once a Governor Lamb of Colorado.  There was once mayor Wellington Web of Denver.  I recall a Governor Romer of Colorado. I recall Sam Nunn and George Mitchel, even President Truman. Let us not forget John Kennedy, all great leaders and all democrats but not a single one of these people hated America, not one of them made me nervous for being in office because I knew they would do right and serve America.  I cannot at all say that about today’s left.  I even thank President Bill Clinton for understanding this idea and coming to the center and governing as such.  America is like a person; this means she needs both her left and right hand to clap and celebrate with cheers the great nation it can be.  The left of today is that left hand which needs to find its way back and clap with that right hand.  Division is not the answer.  

Grateful Iranian-American     Peyman Javadi

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