THE PRISONER: An Analysis of the New World Order

The show, “The Prisoner”, aired in the United States in 1968. The series follows a British former secret agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village resort, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job.

The man encounters the Village’s population: hundreds of people from all walks of life and cultures, all seeming to be peacefully living out their lives. They do not use names, but have been assigned numbers, which give no clue as to any person’s status within the Village, whether as inmate or guard. Potential escapees therefore have no idea whom they can and cannot trust. The protagonist is assigned Number Six, but he repeatedly refuses the pretense of his new identity.

Number Six is monitored heavily by Number Two, the Village administrator, who acts as an agent for the unseen “Number One”. In episode #2, n conversation takes place between Number Six and Number Two that effectively summarizes the overarching purpose of The Village.

Number 2: There are people who talk
and people who don’t,

which means some people leave this
place and some who do not leave.

You are obviously staying.

Number 6: You’re just as much
a prisoner as I am.

Number 2: Of course, I know too much –
we’re both lifers.

I am an optimist. It doesn’t
matter who Number One is.

It doesn’t matter
which side runs the Village.

Number 6: It’s run by one side.

Number 2: But both sides
are becoming identical.

What has been created
is an international community,

a blueprint for world order.

When both sides realize
they’re the same,

they’ll see this
is the pattern for the future.

Number 6: The whole earth as the Village?

Number 2: That is my hope. What’s yours?

The Village is a place where important and influential people, from spies to politicians, or anyone with sensitive information, is held. And though the village is picturesque and beautiful, seemingly ideal, the residents are subjected to physical and psychological torture and mind control in order to compel their co-operation and obedience to the system of control, and to the shadowy and elusive “Number One”.

Since Number Two is quite open about the ultimate purpose of The Village, “…a blueprint for world order.” we can conclude that in the New World Order of the future, there is an international, monolithic control structure that is enforced through various mind-control techniques and torture. As of 2019, 51 years have passed since this series was aired in the United States. It is clear, through the passage of time, that the story of The Prisoner and The Village is less a creative science fiction, and much more a projection of a future plan to enslave the entire world. The method has been revealed to us, and time has proven it out. Food for thought.

See the source image
The empty throne of “Number One”. The implied identity of “Number One” is fairly obvious.
The Prisoner: Episode Two, “The Chimes of Big Ben” FULL VERSION

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