Liberate Our Language

By: John Stevensson

As those dwelling in the leftward corners of America delve ever deeper into post-modernist chaos, they become willing pawns in a campaign to co-opt the entire English language to serve the agenda of elites. As their views become increasingly extreme, they have greater trouble supporting their statements. Since they have little or no factual information with which to attack a reasonable person’s statements, they have resorted to attacking language itself. This must be called out and throttled.

Individuals who have thoroughly internalized the morally-devoid, psychotic doctrine that their feelings alone dictate reality will instinctively adopt the position that words mean whatever they want them to at the moment. Because there is no objective, concrete reality, there is also no objective definition of a word. After all, Noah Webster was the patriarchy and probably racist. Ask a liberal to define something and they will very likely begin with, “Well, to me it means…”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently gave us a glimpse into the strange workings of the far-left mind when she explained that one must choose between being either morally correct or factually correct. It apparently has never occurred to her that there is the possibility of being both at the same time, and she is not alone in her small-mindedness. As ridiculous as it sounds, this false dichotomy is being forced into the brains of young Americans at schools and universities around the country.

Woe be to the educator who makes note of physiological differences between races or sexes, or the thoughtless statistician who makes mention of the correlation between transgenderism, mental illness and suicide. Scientific facts are banned for being hateful and real academic studies are shunted aside to make way for identitarian indoctrination, even in STEM fields and sports. An athletic coach who finds it decidedly unfair that biological boys are now dominating girls’ events will face mobs of students, who have life all figured out at the ripe old age of 15, coercing the school administration to terminate their employment. We live in an era where logic itself is passionately derided as patriarchy and time is labeled racist. Let me say that again, in case the reader did not comprehend the sheer lunacy. Time is racist, according to Brittney Cooper, associate professor at Rutgers University. Any hold on reality that the left once had has been sacrificed to the deity of contrived outrage and objective facts must give way to PC bleating. One does not need to be a mental giant to see the problem with this kind of “education”.

Many institutions are not content merely to silence the speech of conservatives. Even shows of patriotism are unwelcome. Students at campuses all over the country are punished and even assaulted for wearing MAGA gear. Supporting the president is not allowed. Why? Because MAGA is a “dog whistle”.

The concept of the dog whistle is an excellent example of the strategy employed by liberals to hijack language, so let us take a moment to examine it in more detail. What does dog whistle mean? The liberal-biased Wikipedia tells us it is “political messaging employing coded language ​that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.” It’s a secret code, you see.

Now let’s look at how the phrase is used to ruin English. Just a few of the many, many examples of today’s trendiest term are as follows: President Trump’s statement that Middle Eastern terrorists could infiltrate Central American migrant caravans was a dog whistle, according to the Washington Post. A valid, potential security threat is actually racist. Politico lengthily expounds on how Toni Preckwinkle’s stated admiration of Lori Lightfoot’s “courage” in living openly as a lesbian is actually a dog whistle for anti-LGBT bigotry. Yes, that’s right, Preckwinkle is a bigot for complementing Lightfoot’s lifestyle. Jeffrey Toobin, appearing on a Wolf Blitzer panel, informed us that Bill Barr’s intent to investigate potential abuse in the Carter Page FISA warrant application is a dog whistle to Hannity. Perhaps that made some kind of sense in his own mind. CNN is a rich source for other examples. Calls to Congress to enforce immigration law is a dog whistle, as are the terms “inner city,” “law and order” and “illegal alien”.

From these examples, we can see that the purpose of using the term “dog whistle” is to hijack a conservative person’s statement and ascribe a new meaning that was neither mentioned nor intended. For liberals in the media, the inability to rebut the substance of a statement is no longer a problem. Simply declare it a dog whistle and voila! Any statement on any subject magically becomes racist bigotry. Any liberal worth their Soylent knows conservatives are literally fascists, so it’s all justified.

“Literally”. Another casualty lying broken and bleeding among the mounds of English words that have been mangled and sucked dry of all meaning by emotional vampires. Our democratically elected president, Donald Trump, is literally Hitler. Literally. If one were to point out the idiocy of such a statement, one would literally be a fascist. Literally. Fascist. We conservatives just need to apologize for our inherent racism (no matter what our race is) and stop being literal Nazis. At what point does one begin to see the futility of debate atop the Tower of Babel?

Further examples abound of liberal manipulation of language to manufacture offense. We’ve all heard the term, “microaggression” tossed about. Merriam-Webster defines it, “a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).” Because people who are not racist don’t take very kindly to being accused of racism, it was necessary to invent a term that specifically includes “unconscious” behavior (for white people only) and specifically excludes the biases or overt racism of minorities like Sarah Jeong of the New York Times.

Buzzfeed titled an article highlighting a “project” on the extreme-left Tumblr, “21 Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis ” (emphasis added). Let’s assume that none of these were completely made up by participants and see what they face on a daily basis. Some examples:

“So what do you speak in Japan? Asian?” While it’s hard for me to imagine anyone actually saying this, being stupid does equate to racism, even if the word “Asian” was used in the sentence.

“When people think it’s weird that I listen to Carrie Underwood.” If a person were to express surprise that a tattooed biker listens to Tupac, would it be racist?

My personal favorite: “What does your hair look like today?” Somebody, quickly, call the police!

​Now let’s briefly examine another popular term. Implicit bias is defined by Dictionary.com as, “bias that results from unconscious associations and feelings, even when these are contrary to one’s conscious or declared beliefs”. Think twice about saying you’re not a Nazi if you prefer hamburgers over curry. By enjoying something from your own culture, or spending time with friends of the same race/religion/sexual preference as you, you are a bigot, even if you actually are not a bigot. You’re a phantom bigot. And yet, if you actually do order that curry, you are guilty of “cultural appropriation” and still a Nazi.

If society is to have any meaning at all, it must share a coherent language. Even Barack Obama concedes that point. Communication is utterly worthless if I say, “Make America great again,” and you hear, “Minorities should all be killed.” So how do we rescue our damsel, our language, from the slavering beast of liberalism that holds her captive? We can start firstly with intellectual toughness. I shudder every time I read conservative commentary that has adopted, and so legitimized, liberal phraseology. Do not concern yourself about “cultural appropriation” because it isn’t a real thing. “Implicit bias” by the left’s own definition can not be identified. There is no “institutional racism”. If there were, the left would have long ago given us a list of specific examples. There are no specific examples because it is not there. “Hate speech” does not exist. Stop talking about it as if it were a real crime. There are vast numbers of people who have genuine, moral or intellectual objections to sexually deviant lifestyles, or to men pretending to be women, or vice versa. These objections are not some sort of phobia, and any conservative should confront the deliberate mischaracterization as having an irrational fear of something. Use legal speech freely and openly. Do not allow anyone to intimidate or threaten you into accepting their contrived restrictions on your speech.

Secondly, be prepared to verbalize the reasons why you believe what you do. This will give you a massive advantage over the average liberal. Emotional nonsense cannot stand in the face of reason. Many, many liberals do not even know what they are protesting, and as such, cannot give a valid reason for attacking your point of view, as long as you are able to express it with some level of competence.

Third, have some dignity and delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Both platforms have proven themselves to be fully, firmly aligned with the left and there is no question about their political censorship. They hate you and everything you stand for. Why, dear reader, would you continue to support their businesses? Sink their profits. There are alternative social media platforms that support free speech and don’t target conservatives for suspensions or bans. Sites like Gab and Minds are growing at an explosive rate. Join one and finally enjoy the ability to say what you want to say.

Lastly, demand specifics if you find yourself in an argument. Liberalism is built on the shifting sands of emotion. The chronically outraged mindset is not grounded in reality, and it crumbles when pressed for supporting details. On April 11 th , Brandon Straka, the founder of the WalkAway movement which supports former democrats who have found the party’s new extreme leftist currents untenable, posted a video on his Twitter account showing an altercation between himself and a liberal woman who had attacked him for the heinous crime of wearing a MAGA hat. He recounts that she declared President Trump to be a racist. Straka repeatedly asked, “Why?” Her only response before words completely failed her and she became physical were, “He just is!” When one inexplicably chooses to base their worldview on obvious lies, truth will quickly reduce them to sputtering fools. Not that they weren’t fools before, but they didn’t sputter. Love truth and speak it openly. Preserve our language to preserve our society.

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