Those who support the President and who voted for him in the 2016 presidential election expressed their political goals with three chants. These chants were repeated over and over again by every single person who attended a Trump rally. Trump heard from 100% of his rally attendees what they wanted from their next president and what they expected him to achieve during his administration. The crowd at every Trump rally chanted the following in unison with resolute and unified determination in order to impress upon candidate Trump what they wanted. As most know, the chants were 1) “DRAIN THE SWAMP” 2) “LOCK HER UP” and 3) “BUILD THE WALL”.

These three word chants distill into basic simplicity a single theme. The theme of these chants, put simply, is RULE OF LAW.

“Drain The Swamp” is meant to tell the President that corruption, nepotism, and bureaucratic fiat is destroying the United States and the top level of all established bureaucracies need to be replaced and in many cases removed permanently. The President is in charge of the bureaucracy and has the power to change it without any support from congress, and therefore there can be no excuse for not achieving this objective in a reasonable time frame.

“Lock Her Up” refers to Hillary Clinton specifically, but I would argue, extends to her extensive criminal network. Her crimes, from “mishandling” classified information, to tax fraud, to money laundering, and treason are well known and documented. The Department of Justice is under the sole power of the President of the United States, and enforcement of the law is the sole responsibility of the president and his appointed Attorney General.  Enforcement of the law does not require congress and therefore there can be no excuse for not achieving this objective in a reasonable time frame.

“Build The Wall”, perhaps the most powerful and loudly expressed of the three is meant to communicate the the President that existing immigration laws must be enforced, drug trafficking must be stopped, human trafficking must be stopped, and legal immigration must be the only way foreigners are allowed to permanently stay in this country. Removal of illegal aliens is a both a border security issue as well as a national security issue and in both cases fall under the sole authority of the President. Enforcement of the law and securing of the border does not require congressional approval and therefore there can be no excuse for not achieving this objecting in a reasonable time frame.

I would argue that the 2016 election was almost solely about the average American demanding that the RULE OF LAW be enforced, for the high and low alike, and to demonstrate to the American people and the whole world that in the United States justice is blind and the law will be enforced regardless of your political office or size of your bank account. Tax cuts are nice, but we didn’t make chants about that. Tarriffs are nice, but we didn’t make chants about that. All the other accomplishments of the President are nice, but we didn’t elect him for those reasons.

We elected the President to ENFORCE THE LAW, and as far as I can tell, he is 0 for 3.

Best regards,

Concerned Citizens Everywhere

Make America Great Again…

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