Trump supporters, where are you?

Submitted by: Peyman Javadi

If you are afraid that you will be called racist or xenophobe because you are a Trump supporter, guess what? They call you that any way. Remember that President Roosevelt said those famous words, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

If you are afraid that if you, heaven forbid, write a letter to the editor or say something on the local nightly news that you will be unwelcomed at a local restaurant because of your support for this hard-working non-salary earning president, then I say go to a different restaurant. My point is if you are a Trump supporter, show that support.

I am not talking about anything monumental but perhaps holding a protest sign or writing a letter to the editor or simply calling your local representatives. All I ever hear is the left’s protesting, the left’s saying something, the left’s trying to impeach; left, left, left. This country was not never supposed to be dominated this way by one all controlling political ideology. However, due to the enormous and scary silence of the right, this nation is getting worse by the day.

I remember when I lived in Iran, there was a small mountain town in the province of Azerbaijan, remote place called Sardabeh. This place had no plumbing as such and toilets were hard to find; we are talking about 1975. As such, there was human feces everywhere you went. I was probably about 7 years old and I remember that scenery. I never thought in my entire life that a day would come where the beautiful advanced Golden gate city of San Francisco would remind me of Sardabeh.

There are human feces in the streets of San Fran now and to make it even worse, needles everywhere. Where is the right on all this? Where are the famous and non-famous athletes who support this president? Where are the country music stars who sing about the flag but are afraid to say something supportive about this president? Where are the many evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump but are afraid of standing up for him due to perhaps being labeled uncool by the face-book culture? Why don’t the rally goers who go to rallies and laugh at the President’s jokes not ever say anything outside of those rallies? Why am I constantly seeing the left’s doing the objecting to all matters Trump? Where are the Republican senators and congressmen other than the few we see on Fox news? Why are they not speaking up that enough is enough on the entire Russian matter? Where are the supporters? I ask myself.

May God bless U.S. of A and continue to bless and protect President Trump.

Peyman Javadi, a grateful Iranian American

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