Anti-Diversity Attitudes of the Radical Left

I really believe that it is actually the radical left who is anti-diversity.  I will support this by the following observations: they are for open borders.  This means according to them that anyone is welcome at any time and no questions asked.  With this type of chaos, the country loses its law and order and soon turns into a third world nation, as we witness in many of the big cities run by the radical left, where homelessness and drugs and people defecating on the streets and in public are rather common now a days.  What this means is that the thousands upon thousands of legal immigrants who have come here legally and in the right way, find themselves in environments at times worse that those they left in their original countries. 

I ask you: how is this pro-immigrant?  How is it pro-diversity?  The radical left believes that every language in this country should be official except English, but what they forget is that not only many legal immigrants worked hard already to learn English but that thousands of native Americans also speak English; are they (the radical left) telling these minorities, “life sucks for them, that too bad for them, that they learned the wrong language?” 

In addition, many immigrants like myself happen to love this country; we happen to love country music; we happen to love our trucks; we love our president and even voted for him, so are the dictatorial leftists telling us we have no right to be proud of America and want America to be made great again?  Moreover, many people of color like myself and those whom I personally know voted for this president, but the left keeps painting the voter population for Trump as White America only.  I ask you, my fellow Americans, how is all this pro diversity?  How is all this pro naturalization for immigrants?  How is all this pro people with differences?  The answer is it is not and these messages and many more are coming from the radical left.  If we as a nation truly care for diversity, we would allow this in orderly fashion in order to unify this nation instead of divide it.  We would learn to get along as the diverse people we already are before allowing millions to come here illegally.  I know of people who are trying to come here legally and have tried for years, but they find it very difficult; one reason in my opinion is that since the border is wide open, this keeps our immigration officials busy to the point where embassies in places elsewhere don’t issue visas very regularly or very easily.  Again I remind you that the radical left advocates for open borders.  

Last for this article and certainly not last for all the wrong that is today’s radical left, they don’t believe foreign leaders when they praise President Trump or advocate for him in saying that he is innocent. That list would include the leader of Israel, the president of Syria, the Russian president and more recently the Ukrainian president. Just exactly how pro diversity are these radical leftists? When I look at all this and think deeply about these issues, I draw the conclusion that is title of this essay.  May God bless Israel, America, and President Trump.

A grateful immigrant who learned English and did not protest it,

Peyman Javadi


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