Open Borders…

If it is all about open borders, then why in the world do we even have embassies around the world? To all the advocates of open borders and all things about hate America, I say stop it. You are all elites who have no idea what it is like to live in a poverty stricken third world country, and since you always have had it made and will have it made for the next 1000 years at least, you want to take away what good we the naturalized citizens of America like myself have found in this precious land. No thanks to you all, the United States has sovereignty and you may want to understand that if the borders are wide open, then we don’t need American embassies around the world, since a big part of what they do is issue visa’s. That embassy is America soil in a different nation; if we respect that, then we must respect our borders and not let them turn into absolute chaos; no third world immigrant like myself wants that since we know what chaos is like; we came to America for law, order and opportunity.
Peyman Javadi
Thanks and God bless America
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