Love It or Leave It.

So which is it? America love it or leave it or America hate it or leave it? As an immigrant to this once great country myself, the saying back in those days was “America, love it or leave it.” To large extent, it was meant and most citizens lived by that motto. As a new comer to this nation and that back in the late 70’s, I thought that statement made sense because I saw a country that truly deserved to have that motto attached to it. I saw a country that everyone for the most part, loved. 4th of July had a meaning and patriotism was highly favored. I saw a country that valued her past and foundations. This country loved patriotism and her ways. God bless those days.

I lived in a time when people were united and worked together to bless this nation, left or right, there was a fantastic middle that we all came to, and we believed that beautiful statement about loving this country and if not, politely leaving her and going else where. When I see all the riots that have happened since last year really with the statues coming down and flags getting burned, police getting assaulted and even the statue of Abraham Lincoln getting defaced, I am starting to recognize that the new motto is as follows: “America, hate it or leave it.” I am very depressed and grieved over all that. I am depressed when I see that in ​many ways the mullahs of Iran have more credibility than the dictatorial establishment who wants to impeach a patriotic and God and country loving president in his last grieving days in office. This is way too much and way over the top dictatorial. At least with the Mullahs in Iran, I know they are dictators and they make no bones about it.

The establishment pretends to be democratic and liberty loving, while it salivates over the potential of one day being just like the Mullahs of Iran, intoxicated with power and ruling over a submissive nation that will shut up for ever. I am grieving over the fact that all of this seems like a big MIRAGE, all of it, Hollywood, D.C. establishment, the so called conservative news, the NFL. I pray to God that I am wrong and that I once again see the great America I came to at age 16. God bless and save America because He is the only one who can. Grateful Iranian American still to this day.

Peyman Javadi

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