Missing Links

Submitted by: Dokken Tow

Our Government today and from its inception a neo-pagan/new age system. There are many occult and esoteric values held up in our modern social and political culture. Our nation though a melting pot of many ethnic and religious backgrounds that build and shape our world view. Our political system is mostly made up of neo-conservative globalist and liberal new age globalist and a hint of Zionist super bankers that hold the most power over our whole social and political culture.

                The Zionist bankers run most everything and are mainly the reason for the left/right paradigm we find ourselves in today. They divide us down from everything dealing with our own personal families and how we view one another whether it be political or social behavior. We can see this when we look up everything concerning the “New World Order”. Once we look at this and research it deeply or not so deeply, more like a glance; there’s a definite system of control. Although many say that this possibility cannot exist since it’s always said as “they” control everything and this is done in my case to save time. Although there are family names such as the Rockefellers and Rothchild’s to name a few. Most of these figures are considered “they” because they hide in secret and are very shady and almost never seen in public unless they want to be seen. The one’s who get close to releasing very good information usually end up dead since they got way to close to the truth and like fire when touched usually get burns.

                Another part of our missing link to figure out how much we know and need to know we must look at the occult rituals and initiation of not only the members but also the public into occult practices. The rituals such as child sacrifice, and sex orgies used to conjure up spirits of evil (usually). The public takes part in these child sacrifice rituals with items such as abortion, unjust war, body mutilation through the act of sex change operations, and lastly the sexual “freedoms”. The ideas that people force on each other like same sex marriage (which marriage is sanctioned by the government through a license which basically means the government owns your marriage), pedophilia as an actual sexual preference. We also partake in the act of devaluing a person. The act of devaluing is something that is done during trauma-based mind control, the fact that we today allow the system to teach our children about sex at single digit ages is a monstrous act and saying sex work is a legit career choice goes to show how far we are from our morals. The idea also of everyone having the idea of transhumanism also has occult aspects and correlation to the missing link to how we have lost so much. When the studies were being done for MK-ULTRA there was a man named Norbert Weiner who created cybernetics. The cybernetics group had many goals and because of their goals we now have the transhumanism groups that are totally for people uploading their feelings and consciousness into the cloud. This is where the HIVE MIND idea comes from and is the ultimate control.

                When you investigate the ideas centered around both cybernetics and transhumanism, you’ll find many areas where it seemed as though they were overlaying occult alchemy and the modern sciences together to form the ultimate idea of control. These people were very elite scientist who had connections to Luciferian groups. The difference between Luciferians and Satanist is that they both worship the same individual, but one has a pagan view than the other. With the transhumanist groups you can link them to the progressive left and the neo conservative right. This can be done because the progressive movement sees the idea of everyone being one and equal, the other sees the technology and control, although both ideas want control. The overall idea is control over everything from sleep to your most inner thoughts. Facebook already wants you to have some sort of contraption in your head to post your speech before you type it on the site. That also leads to Elon Musk’s Neuro-Link which is something that would be implanted into the brain and allow the ability to not only be able to access the internet at any time without the use of a hand-held device but also talk to others without the language barrier.

                We have a religious group that runs what we are told are the facts. The group is full of people who are scientist or believed to be experts in some sort of field. The name is Scientism, this is also linked to technocracy. The group is usually full of atheists who believe there was a big bang and there’s no such thing as creation because that is not scientifically proven. Yet, their ideas can’t be proven either by their own standards. These people run what everyone believes is the “facts”. When we look at these people, we see the new age behavior start to mold its practice. This being because new age tends to have a pagan/Hindu world view. Look up CERN and its logo, the statue out front of the building where pagan ritual was filmed and may have had a mock sacrifice. All this tends to defeat the purpose of science as we know it because how can a group be so rational and then go and take part in such practice. We also have CRISPR which is basically the real-life version of Gattaca. The culture that has been molded has been one that forces people accept their view on all things science and has very good way of dealing with those who don’t believe. The way in which they do so is very close to the way people are ousted in a cult.

                The HIVE mind is something that is going to come whether we like it or not. The power these bankers hold over the government and the tech industry alike are massive. The gadgets we have now will eventually through the process of elimination will be in our bodies. This idea is promoted by every tech geek in the valley. These all lead to the one world global ideology that is being pushed today. The fact we have so many areas outside of tech that has the ideals one everyone being “one” from the transgender movement to the New-Age ideology.  This idea is pushed because it can help depopulate the globe down to something manageable for the elite who rule us. Our former world views of getting along were to an extent leading towards this.

                In tech we have sex bots, Alexa, Google Home, the Cloud, all the versions of voice question tech on our phones. These are there to get people to want to have something that’s not human to be our best friends. There are articles in every major outlet on the subject. Also pushing this makes people want it more to an extent as well as reject it. The connection to the occult is deep. The way people will replace human connection with something that has no feelings is very much a form of possession. We leave behind our bodies from what we hear from the transhumanist movement. That being because we will upload everything into a microchip. Although the likeliness of that ever happening in real life is very small and the more likely scenario is that its used to kill off many people and move them to somewhere that’s seems more applicable to their surroundings. Meaning that they can’t go outside so they live in their small apartments with no windows.

                The purpose of this is to get people to at least go research and see that this is in fact or future. The problem is the missing link so many have yet to realize. That being the elite rulers of bankers. These bankers use every means of occult theology to get their victims to do their bidding. We do in fact fight against principalities. We can’t fall into despair but rise to see there is a route to gain control. we need to build and race our children with better critical thinking skills. The culture war that’s been waged on us without knowing is very important to our well-being. The way people react needs to change in order to understand better and not become apart of the sheeple.

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