Deep State D-Day


I would like to make an extended analogy as to what we, the American people, face when it comes to the deep state and our efforts to take back our government. The best analogy I can make is a comparison to D-Day, when the United States and allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. I want to make this analogy to put into perspective the monumental task before us and to allow those who are frustrated with Trump for his apparent lack of progress.

Think of the deep state as the Nazi’s. This should be an easy association in your mind. The deep state controls the beach, our government institutions. The deep state has had years, decades, to build fortifications and battlements designed to protect against any attempt to take this beach back. The beach is occupied by thousands of trained Nazi soldiers who have been drilling constantly in the event any assault is made to take the beach.

The patriots have planned to assault the beach. They have landed a small force of paratroopers behind enemy lines to provide limited intelligence gathering and reporting. Think Alex Jones and other alternative media shock troops. These forces come under heavy fire, and many do not survive.

The main assault on the beach consists of Donald Trump, and a small band of Marines in a lone higgins boat. This small boat manages to land on the beach, and Trump assumes the Presidency. Just like D-day however, most of the first men to land on the beach are quickly gunned down, a fate they accepted going in. The first men on the beach are General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Ryan Zinke, and many others, who have been prosecuted or removed. Amazingly, Trump seems to be Captain America and is not so easily killed, and he alone manages to get his feet on the sand and single-handedly and doggedly begins the process of assaulting the beach.

Trump expects additional troops to quickly follow his example, but a nation of cowards and armchair generals is all he gets to support him. Nonetheless, he shrugs his shoulders, turns toward the Nazi’s and plunges forward. Victory or Death.

And then, all over the internet, and on your favorite talk shows, these armchair generals make themselves heard. “Why hasn’t Trump drained the swamp yet?” “Why hasn’t Trump secured the beach yet?” “Why isn’t the wall built yet?” “Why hasn’t Trump destroyed the bunkers?” “Why hasn’t Trump taken on big tech?” “Why hasn’t Trump killed all the Nazi’s yet?”.

They are expecting a single, though amazingly capable soldier, to storm a Nazi infested beach stronghold, kill all the Nazi’s and blow up all the bunkers, then secure the beach. All by himself, oh, and make it “snap snap” by the way.

Get a grip folks, Trump is killing it given the circumstances. And which of you can claim to be as brave? Don’t bother, I already know the answer.

Victory or Death,

American Citizen

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