The Left Encourages Me To Feel Left Out.

I am an immigrant from Iran. I became an American citizen in 1989. That was a proud day in my life; I recall the happiness that I felt. I was grateful because America stood for freedom and individual success. Not looking back, I minded my own business and accomplished much; thanks to God, I have a Master’s degree, a great career and a house; I own my wonderful car; I am married and love my wife and my life. I am joined by many friends who are also successful and grateful for living in the United States. However, when I look at what today’s left is doing, I feel left out. I guess because I am a supporter of President Trump, I should not go to restaurants. I am realizing that I should not ask today’s immigrants to learn English, when I eagerly learned English myself. I suppose going by their verbal and nonverbal cues, I should not expect my government to build a border wall. According to today’s leftist ideas, I should ask ICE to be abolished and not feel excited about going to a church of my choosing and sharing the message of the gospel with other people since they may be offended. I got news for that dictatorial left of today: I came to America for freedom, and I am going to stand up for that freedom. I am going to go to restaurants with my pride in America, my president and my English language; I am going to stand up for my faith and my Lord who is Jesus Christ. Those are the very things that brought me to this country, and I am not going to give them up, not as long as I live.

A grateful Iranian American

Peyman Javadi

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