Dear Justin Trudeau…

Dear Justin,

While I am an old lady who has voted NDP for most of my life, I heartily gave my emotional support to you when you took office. I thought I saw in that young face someone whom I truly believed was going to be almost naked of ego and instead be that compassionate soul, striving to always do his very best in the difficult world of politics.. When I knew you were going to speak Thursday, I expected to hear the words “I am sorry, I messed up, I have learned a valuable lesson.”  But those words never came. Instead, came a vision of Gord Downie slumped in a chair wiping the tears from his eyes, a dream lost to an ego that once seemed so bare but now was clothed with self preservation. I desperately want to believe in you. You had a misstep so make Gord’s spirit proud along with all of us. Just say, “I am sorry, I made a mistake.”


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